APP UPDATE APP UPDATE!! Do you have any technologies? A phone that does the internet? Do you have one of those electronic dog GPS-es that helps you find Angus Jung when he bails into the ditch to do whatever dogs do while you’re out working to pay for those half-dry-food-half-wet-food meals he likes so much? Here’s the thing: Deadlines don’t apply to the development of technologies! They don’t work like, say, a cookie order. I’ve learned that they move at their own pace—in general a few months behind the minute you want it. So. We are a little behind that September launch date promise we made, but not much! Not much at all. October! You have my tech guy’s employee’s assistant’s secretary’s nephew’s word on that! OCTOBER 2012 THE BABYCAKES APP! I’ll have a tease-y video thing for you maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday.