Hello Dear Friends, and Happy 2013! Gonna be a big and important year for us all, so here goes…

Expandin’: Yes, more bakeries in 2013, two to be exact! One in Chicago, already very much in the works, with a special partner, the finer details for which are coming shortly. The other is in California, in a city we’re hesitant to discuss because it’s coming second, but… it rhymes with Tan Bamtrisco.

Unified Los Angeles!: New bakeries in new towns need lots of love. To free up some of our fine management crew and other resources we are unifying our two Los Angeles bakeries: Our Larchmont flagship will now be our sole Los Angeles storefront, with the downtown Los Angeles location closing its doors. In addition to freeing us up to launch other locations, it also enables us to expand a cheaper, faster, same-day delivery service throughout LA county. We are focusing on this positive note as our hearts heal for the 6th Street location that made BabyCakes possible in Los Angeles in the first place. RIP dear friend.

In More Stores!: We’re also growing the list of fine exclusive grocery stores where you will find our fresh baked stuff as well as our cake, brownie, and cookie mixes. Adding to Erewhon and M Café, we are happy to announce that Monsier Marcel has the goods too! Go there and believe! Also you will find us in better coffee shops on both coasts effective immediately.

Ipad App: Do you have it? It’s real good. And getting better, with quarterly updates! Up next: Spring 2013.

In summary, we are working tirelessly so that BabyCakes NYC is available to more people across a much larger map by mid-year. We regret deeply that this requires that our downtown location will no longer exist as you know it. We aim to make this hiccup-free, enjoyable even. If for some reason it is not, please contact: