Biscuits by Lambchop

We all know what a drag it is when you find out you have all sorts of food allergies. But what do you do when your dog’s got them? No, you don’t feed them BabyCakes! You throw the dog a bone (sorry! that was way too easy). Biscuits by Lambchop is a local company that makes dog treats that are free of gluten, wheat, rice, corn, soy, animal proteins and preservatives, the most common sources of canine food allergies. They are also low in fat, sodium and phosphorus to meet the special dietary needs of some dogs with kidney, liver and pancreas conditions.
But are they any good? Yep. Annette, the genius behind the brand, lives in the neighborhood and all the dogs know her. They pull their owners to her because they know she’s packin treats. I’ve seen it happen a few times and it’s AFV funny.
Don’t live in New York? Lucky you, she ships! You can order them here. Your doggie will love you! Mean it!