CHERRYBOMBE Magazine (Ahhhh the Cover!)

CHERRYBOMBE, every girl’s favorite new magazine, is big and beautiful and smart and exactly what we’ve been missing: It is the collective consciousness of everything that is happening with women and food right now. All women! When Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, the two geniuses behind it, told me they wanted to do a story on BabyCakes for the 2nd issue, I got all sweaty and was so bewildered and honored that I said yes before they had a second to change their minds.

They sent photographer Jennifer Livingston and writer Alison Roman to the bakery and I’ve never had a better time. The issue’s called “BAKED” and there’s TONS of great stuff: Alice Waters! Kim Gordon! Julia Roberts! And more and more and more. The issue’s enormous.

And then they put my picture on the cover!!! I started crying. I felt like Courtney Cox getting pulled up onstage to dance with Bruce Springsteen. I cried some more.

Please get a copy: Here’s where you can the mag in the US! Also, subscribe! Also, you can get a copy at either the NYC or LA BabyCakes as soon as next week!