EcoFabulous says “Hey BabyCakes”


The pure delight of eating cupcakes no longer has to be underscored with guilt about their highly processed and heavily refined ingredients. Started by an inventive baker, whose sweet tooth was stymied by her own allergies, BabyCakes NYC serves up cupcakes, scones, muffins and pies made with organic and healthy ingredients (including raw & organic agave nectar, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil and organic fruit purees). The BabyCakes line is free from common allergens like wheat, dairy, refined sugar and eggs – making it ideal for sensitive tummies, concerned parents and curious epicures. They’ve wooed thousands of fans (like Martha Stewart & Hilary Swank) from their kitschy, retro home in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And the eagerly awaited opening of the West Hollywood outpost will surely draw flocks of health conscious West Coasters, looking for a tempting treat they can actually justify to their trainers. For the rest of us, thankfully, we can get some of their delectables sent our way. To see about placing an order, click here.

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