It’s True…BabyCakes NYC Now in Downtown Disney!

disney pic2.jpegOk, I have to take a deep breath. Please excuse typos and bad grammar as I’m writing this at lightening speed.
I’ve been holding this secret in for about 2 years and I was hoping to keep this on the hush for another week till we got our decor redone but the news seems to have leaked through Twitter. So, surprise! We’ve opened the newest location of BabyCakes NYC in Downtown Disney, Orlando. I know, I know. I’m totally freaking out too.
Here’s the scoop: a couple years ago I was approached by famed restauranteur Larry Levy of Spiaggia fame (among many, many many others) to partner with him on a project to bring healthier food to Disney. McDonalds was given the boot and BabyCakes was in, along with his other restaurants Pollo Campero and Fresh Apeel. After much planning, building, fussing and fixing we got this guy opened last Friday night.
So why have I waited so long to tell you? The truth is, we are doing some cosmetic changes to the space and I wanted it to look absolutely perfect before I showed any of you. I mean, this is HUGE news, nothing should be out of place!!! But I’ve quieted my inner nit-picking perfectionist because with Thanksgiving just a week away, I assume a lot of you Floridians would prefer to have the chance to have some cookies, cupcakes and donuts baked fresh for your occasion instead of shipping them from New York.
A couple things. First and foremost we do not have a sign outside the building yet but you can find us in the building marked Fresh Apeel–our store is in the right hand nook. Second thing: our phones are not working just yet so you’ll have to email Emily at for all correspondence temporarily. Yes! You can order a birthday cake, donuts, cookies, brownies and cupcakes!
So here I am. Posting from Downtown Disney. It all seems so surreal–on my walk home from work every night I watch kids doing the Cupid Shuffle and the Conga. Everyone is so joyful and happy. Is this really my life?