NYLON shouts “Hey Cupcake!”

When a fashion line merges with a bakery, denim gets delicious.

We can’t decide if we like shopping or eating better, but in West Hollywood, we can now do both at once.
Today, Earnest Sewn jeans announced their latest partnership, with the cult vegan bakery Baby Cakes. The two born-in-New-York labels will share a new boutique space, at 7501 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.
That means you can shop for haute Japanese denim and hot chocolate chip cookies all in one place, and that’s an offer too good to refuse… especially when you consider Baby Cakes’ vegan approach to cooking, which includes plant nectars instead of refined sugars, plus gluten-free sweets for those who like wheat as a hair color, but not so much as a diet staple.
This is Earnest Sewn’s first food collaboration, but Baby Cakes has been in the fashion world before – last year, they got cute new uniforms whipped up from Built By Wendy.

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