Salad Match/Marriage Match?

kiss.jpegSometimes I just need a little detour from the stress of my day with with some good old-fashioned food news/gossip. At times like these, I always turn to Grubstreet to get my mind off the pile of to-dos on my desk (for the record, my “desk” is a box of apples balanced on a small filing cabinet).
So today was one of those days. I skimmed over the latest in the NY food world and my eyes locked onto this article! For those of you too lazy, I mean, busy to click on that link, it’s a dating site that this salad place uptown called Just Salads launched. Apparently there was already a big dating scene going on in this lunch spot (really?!?!) and the owners decided to organize an official dating program through their eatery. I don’t know about you but I totally love this and think it’s brilliant.
Share this with your New York singles! It’s so absurdly cool.