Downtown Los Angeles has created this killer Salted Caramel Cookie Sandwich

Downtown Disney wishes it were winter with these vanilla filled Sno Ballz

New York keeps its offering fall-centric with this Pumpkin Maple Donut

Come to Larchmont and embrace the season with this Pumpkin Maple Bun

This week’s specials are diverse and insanely chic. You can seriously see each bakery’s personality shining through with their unique specials. They are (starting in the top left):

1. Downtown is sassy and sweet with these Salted Caramel Cookie Sandwiches.
2. Downtown Disney is fun-loving with these Vanilla Filled Sno Ballz.
3. New York is classic and rich with the Pumpkin Donut.
4. Larchmont is warm and homey with the Pumpkin Maple Bun.

Come hang out with us and our specials any time between now and Sunday! (Don’t forget to mention this post when you order and earn 20% off this item!)