Wall Street Journal Examines the Vegan Cupcake


When we opened BabyCakes over 6 years ago I’d had it with vegan baked goods as I knew them. I couldn’t find anything out there that tasted right and everything was too sweet, too dry or just flavorless. Because of this, I chose to shy away from labeling the goods “vegan” and opted for small notes by the desserts that said, “egg free, dairy free, soy free”. In my mind, it wasn’t necessary to toot a vegan horn because I wanted everyone to try it without preconceived notions. Our mission was bigger than vegan alone–I wanted to change the way people experienced allergy-free sweets and knew I had to begin with a clean slate. Some people like this, some do not.
Read the article in the Wall Street Journal here and weigh in. Do you wish we put more emphasis on traditional vegan labeling? Tell the truth! You’re in a safe space here…