We Got New Uniforms!

ingodwetrust.jpgOh. No.
As if the girls at the bakery needed any help being adorable, now they’re looking cuter then ever thanks to our new uniforms designed by In God We Trust. It’s borderline obnoxious how perfect they are. We sorta want to roll our eyes at ourselves, it’s that bad.
But these uniforms didn’t come easy! Shana Tabor, the wizard behind the label, spent countless sessions with us to achieve the perfect material and fit to keep the girls comfy while they frost, bake, and gossip. In God We Trust employees judged the uniform’s wear-ability by simulating bakery tasks like intense whisking, extreme flour lifting and turbo frosting. Countless revisions were made, endless samples trashed and many tears were shed. But in the end, it was all so worth it.
Thank you Shana and In God We Trust for transforming us from baking nerds into kool kids.