When Garance Dore asked to interview me for the Career Girl section of her site I think I turned purple and passed out. Not only is Garance Dore the go-to place for fashion inspiration, she also has a sharp eye for fashion, a quick wit and she finds a way to incorporates her personality and humor effortlessly into her work. You somehow feel really good about yourself when you read Garance instead of depressed that you’ll never attain what’s being featured.

Garance and I chatted over donuts and coffee outside BabyCakes in the frigid December air about past jobs, our current lives, and how we are both so in love with what we do. Somewhere in there was also a conversation about fashion that actually made me smarter. How does she do it? It’s Garance! So without further blabbing, here’s a bit of the interview, but you can read the full thing here.

Ahhhh, I’m so excited to talk to you about Erin!

Erin here is the super cool founder of the BabyCakes bakery. A “bakery” here in the US is where you find cupcakes (yum), donuts (aaaaah), cookies (iiiiiih), and often they have lattes and you always leave with a big smile… and a rather guilty conscience.

Not at BabyCakes though. You see, not only are their cakes incredibly delicious, but they don’t contain any refined sugars, eggs, gluten or dairy. You almost feel like you’re eating a donut that’s purely good for you. 🙂

So here’s a few questions Erin answer about how she decided to leave her dream job as a fashion assistant to go off with no safety net and create Babycakes at 29… And a few years later had a real American success story with 4 bakeries all over the states (one of them in Disneyland!), multiple cookbooks, courage and humor for every curveball thrown her way (you HAVE to watch her videos), and even with all that, right now as I’m talking to you, she’s also got… a baby on the way!

Wow. Inspiring, Erin…

Hi Erin!

You used to work in fashion right? How did you get your start?

Yes! I had to work very hard to get my first fashion job. I studied communications at school. Then, I got an internship with the design editor at Flaunt magazine for six months. It was really competitive. But over time they saw I was totally dedicated.

Eventually they offered me a job as a fashion assistant!

What was your dream job?

To be a buyer!

So how did you make the transition—from fashion to baking?

It was a funny transition–fashion to baking–but I found that I wasn’t fulfilled with my fashion assistant job. I would dread going to fashion shows and showrooms to see the next season’s looks. I should have been excited but I just didn’t get it. So to shake off my work-related depression, every night after work I would go home and bake.

Those were the times when I was truly happy. So I quit my job after eight months because, honestly, I missed the food industry and wanted to get back into waitressing. Three days later, at a friend’s child’s birthday party, I had the idea for BabyCakes, and that was that! Fifteen months later I opened the doors to our first shop on a deserted stretch of Broome Street in the Lower East Side.

Read the rest here!