Zooey Deschanel takes Time Out for BabyCakes NYC

hotseat-deschanel.jpgFrom Time Out New York’s Hot Seat column:
The lovely, Chipmunk-imitating actor has some odd dietary issues.

Are you still into cooking?
Yes, I love to cook. But I have some food allergies, so I have to contend with those.
What are you allergic to?
Dairy and eggs and, um, gluten. Wheat gluten. It’s not really that good for you anyway. That’s what I like to tell myself when I see something I can’t eat.
What the hell can you eat, bark?
There’s a lot of stuff you can cook without them. My sister’s vegan, so we cook desserts together. We try not to use refined sugars or anything. There’s this place in New York called BabyCakes, and it’s all vegan cakes and cookies. I get there a lot. I love New York.

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